Your Boots On the Ground in Israel
for Placements, Secondaries, Strategic advisory and Investor relations

High-level client representation

We are senior buy-side, capital markets executives with successful track-records having raised and managed billions of dollars.

Exceptional level of service

We work with best-in-class fund managers and limit the number of clients we work with providing selective and exclusive product representation.

Syncing of investment cycles

Matching products and timing of offerings effectively and efficiently with qualified institutions and major family offices.

Cultural bridge

We act as a mediator between local business practices and the international investment manager customs.

Deep institutional coverage

Real-time monitoring of domestic markets for shifts in investment trends and people moves.

Access to executive decision makers

Boards; Investment Committees; Portfolio Managers; The People Who Get Things Done.

Cost-effective roadshows

Strategic business planning to chart the most productive path to a successful capital raise.

Post-close investor relations Supporting

supporting your efforts in the lingua-franca, Hebrew, of Israel and the Israeli institutional market.

Commitment to our global clients

We build sustainable investor relationships, supporting long-term brand-building in Israel.